Folks Perpetuating Stereotypes- Yet Again

I walk in the office this morning preparing to counsel and to my dismay, the whole portion of the building was flooded! So- I go back to my cube village (away from the flooded area) and stop to say hello to a beloved colleague. As I prepare to go to my desk, another associate comes through the lobby door with a group full of Ebony naturalistas (no chemicals in naturally textured hair). I greet this colleague (whom I have very little to no contact with) and she looks at my head and says “hmmmm, what do you have in your hair?” I say “nothing”. She takes a 10 second pause (I’m rounding here) and says, “it’s pretty”. I respond “thanks to my ancestors!” and she giggles at my dumbed-down witty response.

This felt as if she was mocking me with her doubtful tone. Not feeling it!

Was she referring to my cuddly lamb's wool? Ummmhmmm.

Clearly, this individual is living in a box which was obviously created by our society and consistently perpetuated in her native environment. Another case of that Internalized Racist Oppression (IRO) in which people of color are consistently bogged down by the b.s. that this asshole society has historically chucked in the form of Internalized Racist Superiority (IRS). One definition of IRO is when people of color “accept, believe, or live out negative societal definitions.” IRS on the other hand is the “socialization process that teaches White people to believe, accept, and/or live out superior societal definitions of self and to fit into and live out superior societal roles.” This behavior and way of life maintains the b.s. construct.

Analyzing this situation frustrates me because it reinforces the fact that there are so many uncultured, unexposed, relatively ignorant people in the world who are unaware of the world around them present in the individuals whom they may call a colleague, or a friend. Secondly, this reminds me that I am virtually an outsider as I am residing outside of my native metropolitan, culturally diverse city.

While I have so much more to say about my analysis, I fear that giving too much more time to this at this moment will cause me to not seek the joy in the day. Finding the joy is my goal.

Remember: “Grow, seek, find, learn something new, and challenge mediocrity.”



Beautiful Fall

Autumn in Chapel Hill

My daily commute is a time of self reflection and observance. This morning was one of those mornings where I was truly able to see the forest for the trees. One of my most beloved seasons is in full effect. Beautiful Fall. The beauty of this season consistently captures the essence of our existence: to be born, to develop and flourish, then to mature and fold into the earth. All of this for the cycle to repeat itself with a new generation of life.

Late Bloomer



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Perpetuating Stereotypes…

Tonight, I’m watching my recorded Law & Order: SVU.  I’m watching this “Lily” skinned girl with blonde hair, completely perfect looking in her appearance.  She’s practicing her string instrument then goes directly to the local bodega for a couple groceries.  She gets on the elevator heading to her apartment when this beautiful, tall, “Ebony” skinned man approaches (seems like a producer may have read Sapphire’s “The Kid”).  “Lily” retreats a bit and he says “you look happy”.  She then says “why not?” and he gets off.  She goes to her apartment putting away groceries, etc. then he comes in with a gun.  Law & Order…really?!  Did you have to do the classic “Birth of a Nation” racist ass plot to this story.  Yes- I know I’ve only seen the first five minutes, if that but ya coulda done betta!  I understand that this is the beginning and will probably not end up anything like the assumed beginning.  I also know that Law & Order producers ought to know better than this.  STAY TUNED!

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I was surprised to like crispy fried tofu.  When I went to King Fung Garden in Boston, I wanted to try whatever the owner suggested as best dish.  With a very much reinforced language barrier, I tried the dish (for lack of a clear understanding with baked eggplant and crispy fried tofu.  The dish was coated in a sauce with accents of clove, garlic, dried red pepper, and honey.  At least- these were the flavors I picked out.  While the restaurant is relatively small it is most definitely authentic with flavors uninhibited by overwhelming American influence.

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Best Freaking Sandwich

Manhattan Transit

Today was a busssssy day. I mean booked all day type of busy day. I got into the office an immediately caught up on a few files for a 9 a.m. meeting. Met my 9 o’clock and returned to my cube to find my volunteer. We were headed to a wrap-up session in the community and had no time for lunch. In fact- it was quite literally a mad dash between morning commitments and afternoon commitments. With no real time to spare for lunch (shhhhhh!!) we stopped at Bob’s Big Gas Subs and Pub on the corner of Northwest Blvd and Reynolda Rd. With only having a one previous experience with Bob’s, I chose to order an interesting item off of the featured menu: Manhattan Transit on Pumpernickel bread with a side of gazpacho. This particular concoction is made of pastrami, turkey, cole slaw, and a slather of Thousand Island. Sounds okay at minimum, I know but we must explore, right?! The order was up within 10 minutes and the staff was excellent! Once I got back to the office, I took a bite out of my 12″ sub (halved by the way and individually wrapped in aluminum foil). Let me tell YOU this sandwich was heaven. The bread was perfection as it had a fresh-out-of-your-baker’s-oven taste. The oh so lovely pastrami reuben and turkey married to the sweet and sour red cabbage danced on my taste buds taking a final bow with the cream of the Thousand Island dressing. The Manhattan Transit was busy yet stylish and graceful. Taking time to enjoy Manhattan from Winston-Salem was a much needed vacation from a busy day!

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Sunday Kind of Love

Today was a usual Sunday in my world. Full of love, laughter, and surrounded by loved ones. Hanging out with my small creation I call my lovely family is always a blessing and a joy. We took in the sun as we strolled through the NC Piedmont Farmer’s Market. While strolling through the market, we decided to revisit one of our favorite pizza joints in Greensboro- Sticks and Stones Clay Oven Pizza. Sticks and Stones is a great spot for foodies who truly appreciate local restaurants who buy and cook local foods. We ordered the “Dance All Night” salad as our appetizer. The “Dance All Night” was lightly mixed in a light house vinaigrette laced with goat cheese and dressing topped with heirloom tomatoes, honey(ed) walnuts, mushrooms, and goat cheese. The name is truly a reflection of the marriage of flavors waltzing on the taste buds. For our main dish- Hubby and I chose to share a pie: half- Sweet Carolina and half- Magnolia Mountain with chicken. The pizzas are filling and not over done; one could taste the clay oven within each bite. With our “party” being one of three in the whole establishment, it felt great to take in a Sunday while enjoying great food and fresh flavors.

Dining at Sticks and Stones

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2nd Debut

So, I’ve decided to switch my OLD blog to Word Press. It truly seems like Word Press is receiving tons of former Blog Spot and Tumblr folks. With my 2nd debut, you will most certainly be pulled into the neverending abyss that is I; As the ever-present sybarite, I consistently look for new tastes, flavors, and styles to nurture my growing appetite for luxury. Posts to come!